Just a LittleĀ HDR

I decided to practice some HDR toning today because I just wasn’t ready to take my computer back and lose my CS5 suite I have been waiting so long to use. Even if its just for a few more days. These few examples aren’t true HDR photos, they just look like it because of the toning qualities. Please view in full size for full effect.




It was my plan today to gather a lot of my art make posts but unfortunately I seem to run into a dead end everywhere I look. I am making the sad realization that more and more of my art that I thought I had backed up was not. Let this be a lesson to you, back up your hard drive and do it often.

While I would love to spend the day searching for what art I do have and posting it, I have to make a bit of a scramble to get over to the Simutek before it closes so they can finish fixing my computer and I can finally have a stable work station. In order to make up for the lack of…well everything on here, I have to deciding to scan over my camera’s sd card and post some decent, unedited shots. (Click to enlarge.) Enjoy.