So You Wanna Be a Zombie?!

I know what you are thinking, Fox’s next reality show right? Well its not. Welcome to the first real post about zombies here. I was thinking the other day that out of all the tutorials I’ve seen to photoshop your friends/celebrities into zombies, not a single one is good. Not one. So I figure it might be awesome to try to make one and post it somewhere (most likely here), hopefully in time for Halloween. This is where you come in. I need subjects to zomibify. If you are interested in having a picture of yourself awesomely zombified for free, please contact me as soon as possible and I’ll let you know further what I need from you. Thanks!



I feel like I have a responsibility to tell any viewers of this blog about the zombies. I have a borderline obsession with them. If you view this blog, you are going to see zombies and you are going to see them often. Enjoy.

Under Construction

Unfortunately, I am in the aftermath of both a crashed hard drive and an unstable computer so a majority of my art and music projects have sadly been lost. Please bear with me during the slow start up while I make new things to post.

This isn’t completely bad news as it forces me to start over and make new art. Once my computer is in a stable condition I will be hitting art trail hard. Also, I have some potentially big things happening in my design work, ┬áso be on the look out for those. I’ll make sure to give everyone a heads up on big updates.